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JUUL? E-CIGS? VAPES? CARTS? - Who suffers from a flavor ban

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I wanted to present some information that might be helpful to politicians and law makers on the subject of vaping, or JUUL or E-cigs or whatever terminology they are using these days.

There are two very different and distinct vapor industries that operate in very very different ways. The open vapor market is smaller, low nicotine, more expensive, consumer driven vape shops.

Closed Vapor is essentially JUUL and big tobacco, huge billion dollar companies, small devices, ultra high nicotine and a fraction of the cost.

Youths are NOT using open vaping systems to vape in the bathroom at school. It's time to differentiate not only the technology, but what is being vaporized in the technology.

Politicians and law makers claiming ignorance to vaping might have worked 10 years ago, but in 2019 is unacceptable. The information is there.

This is an adult choice issue at it's core in my opinion. The existence of birthday cake vodka clearly shows that adults want to enjoy "vices" that are flavored.

Why can I buy gummy bear vodka? or coconut rum? or guava pineapple beer? but as an of age adult I can't buy and enjoy a lemon cake nicotine product? As an adult I should be able to choose plain and simple.

Alcohol has killed over 5,000 underage people every year, year after year. Vaping has converted 13 million smokers nationwide OFF of deadly combustable tobacco cigarettes. Something isn't adding up.


Vaping is far less harmful for you. The science is in. The science has been in. The "epidemic" is a fabrication. The US Government cares less about your health than they do about money and big Pharma's bottom line.

This information is being actively suppressed. Other countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand are embracing vaping as a form of tobacco harm reduction and are seeing MASSIVE drops in deadly cigarette smoking.

Read the science for yourself



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