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Duomei: First Impressions + FLV Alpine Strawberry

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Duomei (mixed at 0.60%)
Fresh Strawberry - artificial/candy strawberry. Similar to TFA Strawberry

Bread- sweet bread (kind of like Hawaiin bread) very nice

Mochi- tastes like flour... the stuff they put on the outside of mochi. not getting any rice/etc. slight perfume note

Arabia Coffee- slightly sweet, mid-roast coffee. tastes almost like the coffee Nips candies. Not bad

White Chocolate - weird. perfumey. plastic tasting (remixed lower at around 0.40% and was still weird)

Health Cabin (mixed between 0.17% - 0.34%)
Malaysian Strawberry - perfumey, light strawberry... not a fan... just gets more perfumey when more % is added

FLV Alpine Strawberry
0.17% way too strong... tasted like strawberry soap or incense
diluted to 10% and remixed at 1 drop per 5ml tasted like faint strawberry and something else I was not able to pinpoint.
10% dilution at 2 drops per 5ml, the strawberry note was more present but I'm still unable to figure out what the other note is. others describe it as "earthy"... but IDK if that's what I'm getting. It's almost "piney" but IDK if that's just in my head because of the name... but there's something else there... it's a weird one but I have plans for it.

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